Israeli Ran

Israeli Ran

Associate Research Scientist



Associate Research Scientist

Education and Training

  • B.Sc. in Biology, Tel Aviv University, Israel, 1992-1995
  • M.Sc. in Neuroscience, University of Calgary, Canada, 1996-1998
  • Ph.D. in Neuroscience, University of British Columbia, Canada, 2000-2005
  • Postdoctoral Fellow, Universite de Montreal, Montreal, Canada, 2006-2011
  • Associate Research Scientist, Richard Tsien laboratory, NYU Langone Medical Center, NY, USA, 2011-present

Research Interests

I am interested in the neural basis for information processing and storage. Particularly, I am interested in mechanisms which coordinate the transfer of signals between the presynaptic and postsynaptic membranes and how these processes optimize circuit function and give rise to short- and long-term memory.

Selected Publications

  • Ran, I., Miura, R.M., and Puil, E. 2003. Spermine modulates neuronal excitability and NMDA receptors in juvenile gerbil auditory thalamus. Hearing Research 176, 65-79.
  • Ran, I., Mathers D.A., and Puil E. 2004. Pentobarbital induces thalamic oscillations in brain slices, modulated by GABA and glycine receptors. Neuropharmacology 47, 985-993.
  • Le Vasseur M, Ran I., Lacaille J-C. 2008. Selective induction of mGluR1- and mGluR5-dependent chemical long-term potentiation at oriens/alveus interneuron synapses of mouse hippocampus. Neuroscience 151, 28-42.
  • Ran, I., Quastel, D.M., Mathers D.A., and Puil E. 2009. Fluctuation analysis of tetanic rundown (short-term depression) at a corticothalamic synapse. Biophysical Journal, 96(6), 2505-2531.
  • Topolnik L., Pelletier J-G., Ran I., and Lacaille J-C. 2009. Activity-dependent compartmentalized regulation of dendritic Ca2+ signaling in hippocampal interneurons. Journal of Neuroscience, 29(14), 4658-4663.
  • Ran, I., Laplante, I., Bourgeois, C., Pépin, J., Lacaille, P., Pelletier, J., Costa-Mattioli, M., Sonenberg, N. & Lacaille, J.-C. 2009. Persistent transcription- and translation-dependent long-term potentiation induced by mGluR1 in hippocampal interneurons. Journal of Neuroscience, 29(17), 5605-5615.
  • Bidinosti M., Ran I., Sanchez-Carbente M., Martineau Y., Gingras A-C., Lapointe G., Raught B., Lacaille J-C., Bramham C., Costa-Mattioli M., DesGroseillers L., and Sonenberg N. 2010. Postnatal Deamidation of 4E-BP2 in Brain Enhances Its Association with Raptor and Alters Kinetics of Excitatory Synaptic Transmission. Molecular Cell 37, 797–808.
  • Ran I., Laplante I. & Lacaille J.-C. 2012. CREB-dependent transcriptional control and quantal changes in persistent long-term potentiation in hippocampal interneurons. Journal of Neuroscience, 32(18), 6335-6350.
  • Gkogkas C.G., *Khoutorsky A., *Ran I., Rampakakis E., Nevarko T., Weatherill D.B., Vasuta C., Yee S., Truitt M., Dallaire P., Major F., Lasko P., Ruggero D., Nader K., Lacaille J.C., Sonenberg N. 2013. Autism-related deficits via dysregulated eIF4E-dependent translational control. Nature, 493, 371-377.
  • **Ran I., Gkogkas C.G., Vasuta C., Tartas M., Khoutorsky A., Laplante I., Parsyan A., Nevarko T., Sonenberg N. & Lacaille, J.-C. 2013. Selective regulation of GluA subunit synthesis and AMPA receptor-mediated synaptic function and plasticity by the translation repressor 4E-BP2 in hippocampal pyramidal cells. Journal of Neuroscience, 33, 1872-1886.

* - Equal contribution; ** - Featured in “This Week In the Journal”